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Privacy Policy / GPDR

I’m happy that you are showing interest in my website. It’s old, its from the stone ages. I had personal websites since 1996. I just want to share information that others might find useful (or i want to make sure, that i can’t forget). That’s what the internet was intended for: Sharing information. I have no intend to collect your personal information with this site.

But something new happened and with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) I need to write a privacy policy statement. Here we go.

The use of these pages is possible without indication of personal data. However, the webserver delivering these pages will store a logfile including

  • date and time of access

  • ip address accessing the site

  • browser identifier, including operating system

  • referer, page the browser visited before

These logs are required for analysing technical issues and protecting the server hosting the site if any issues occur. In addition they are used to calculate the bills i need to pay for this site.

I don’t use any user tracking, commenting, big data analysis, social media plugin, advertising, etc. If anything like this shows up, the page is hacked or broken and you might want to contact me so i can fix this.

If you contact (see Impressum) me by email, you need to accept that you are sending my personal data like ip address, your email address, etc. In addition your email will be saved on my computer, maybe my mobile phone and data backups. And my mail provider might store them too, other computers transporting your email might take a peek at the content. This is how email works. If you don’t want that, don’t send an email.