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Horde Virtual Vacation

Using Horde and Sork to setup vacation autoresponder for Postfix with virtual users

I set up postfix using virtual users. As i have no real system users i can’t use the basic unix vacation programms, or procmail or anything like this. My first setup had a postfix-filter routing all mails through a shell script (forking the mail to the local mailbox and the vacation tool) and a perl script (doing database lookups and sending replies when necessary). With my new setup i change one entry in the virtual-users table to fork the mail. One mail will be sent to the mailbox, the other to a special domain ( All mails directed to this domain will be delivered using the postfix pipe-transport. This transport pipes the mail to a perl script.

Management of the vacation entries is done using horde 3.0.4 and a modified sork-vacation plugin (CVS Checkout June 2005).


Postfix is set up using a mysql database and some tables for user, mailbox, domain mappings.


Download a CVS Checkout from and install into horde.

Add new Configuration options

use the attached conf_insert.xml and insert it into the conf.xml to get the new options.

Somewhere in there is the actual autoresponder

autoreply unix  -      n       n        -      -        pipe
   flags= user=postvac argv=/home/postvac/ ${sender} ${mailbox}
   Ensure SQL Access, set-up perl-script and filter in postfix.