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build sheevaplug kernel

These notes are out of date. I keep them around for reference purposes.

I assume you have a unix system and are using a bash.

You require a cross compile toolchain. You can bootstrap your own, or get one from Codesourcery.


  • vanilla linux (see

  • patches from * 0001-Kirkwood-Marvell-GuruPlug-support-2.6.34.patch * 0002-Driver-for-Marvell-Libertas-8688-SDIO-micro-AP-suppo.patch * 0003-Initial-defconfig.patch * linux-2.6.29-usb-serial-evdo.patch * mvsdio-1-2.6.30.patch * mvsdio-2.patch


Setup your shell environment (and if you have spaces in the path stuff will break, i didn’t care for spaces)

Now this should work and deliver output like this



Or you take the config from copy it to $BUILD/linux-$KVER/.config and


results is arch/arm/boot/uImage


Place the uImage on a tftpserver (tftp not ftp). Connect a serial console to your plug. Start it up and interrupt u-boot to reach the marvel prompt. All changes are temporary, the only last till the next reset unless you do a saveenv. Please do not enter the comments ;)