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Adafruit Powerbooster

My Notes on the Adafruit Powerbooster in case the original site goes away or i loose the link.


Connectors and LED

  • Micro usb connector to the left. Connect powersupply to charge LiPo.

  • LiPo JST connector to the bottom.

  • Yellow LED top left. Charging LiPo.

  • Green LED top left. LiPo charged.

  • Blue LED bottom right.. Booster active.

  • Red LED bottom left. LiPo low on power.

Pins on top

  • USB the 5V from the microusb. Input pin

  • GND ground for the input power. All grounds on this board are the same

  • Bat LiPo

  • EN on/off switch for the booster. Connect to GND to turn booster off

  • GND another ground

  • LBO low batter indicator. Is on high (same Voltage as Bat). If low, then battery is flat or will be flat shortly

  • GND another ground

  • 5V the booster output

Pins on the right

The two pins are gnd, 5V from booster.

The four pins are gnd, nothing, nothing, 5V from booster. A full size USB header can be soldered here. Adafruit ships one with the board.


Switch off by connecting GND with EN.