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Raspberry Serial Console

The raspberry might be used without any attached display. Still getting information about the kernel booting and logging in without a network connection requires a serial console.


for the serial console are the same on A, B, B+, 2 and 3.

Physical pin 8 is TX, 10 is RX.

The logic is 3.3v, so take care if you are using any arduino stuff.

Using an adafruit serial cable or any other serial-usb cable.

black goes to GNS (pin 6), white connects to TX (pin 8), green to RX (pin 10). If you want to use the USB cable to power the raspberry (not advised for raspberry 3, as it can consume too much power), red to pin 2.

warning: the raspberry 3 and the zero w both have bluetooth chipsets. In the default config they render the serial console unusable. See Serial Console.