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Sphinx Homepage worksheet

Things i need to complete, so i can use sphinx as a static homepage generator.


Done using a custom plugin. It adds a directive “thumbnail”. The zooming is done using colorbox. A jquery based script. This requires adding some images and functions to the site template.


Also a custom plugin. The directive “gallery” will add all images in the named folder. Also uses colorbox and requires adding javscript to the site template

Per Page Template

Can be done with sphinx 1.3+ and connecting to the “html-page-context” event. The called function may return a different template name. To make it configurable, use a meta field named template in the rst document.

Meta fields are simply fields at the beginning of a document.

TODO: Control slug name

Found no solution.

TODO: Control static files

I want to keep download files in the same folder where they are in the source tree. Maybe monkey patching the html builder allows this.

TODO: docutils config

figure out how to configure docutils. Especially table_styles